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Search and Replace

Both vi and vim text editor comes with substitute command for finding and replacing text. Syntax

The syntax is as follows:





The substitute command can be used as per your requirements. Task: VI / Vim Basic Find and Replace

To find each occurrence of 'UNIX', and replace it with 'Linux', enter (press ESC, type : and following command):


Task: Find and Replace with Confirmation

Find a word called 'UNIX' and replace with 'Linux', but ask for confirmation first, enter:


Task: Find and Replace Whole Word Only

Find whole words exactly matching 'UNIX' to 'Linux'; and ask for confirmation too:


Task: Case Insensitive Find and Replace

Find 'UNIX' (match UNIX, unix, UnIx, Unix and so on) and replace with 'Linux':


Same command with confirmation:


Task: Case sensitive Find and Replace

Find each 'UNIX' and replace with 'bar':


Same command with confirmation:


How Do I Replace In the Current Line Only?

Find 'UNIX' and replace with 'Linux' in the current line only (note % is removed from substitute command):


NOTE: You need to prefix % the substitute command to make changes on all lines:


How Do I Replace All Lines Between line 100 and line 250?


Find 'UNIX' and replace with 'Linux' all lines between line 100 and line 250, enter:




Capitalize all characters on a line:


Capitalize the first character of all words on a line:

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